Saturday, 17 February 2007

don't blink or you'll miss me

wow! i have a spare minute in my more hectic than usual life. No matter how much i try time just zips by. So where have i been and what have i been doing? hmmmm in a nutshell , Work. Started at my new school some three weeks ago. Anyone who says teachers have it too easy doesnt know jack shit. Anyway i absolutely love my new class and feel guilty about leaving behind my old guys. I find comfort in the fact that i left them in the very best of hands with L. Now i spend my days convincing teenage boys that they are in fact fabulous and not useless, trouble making, outcasts. I love them dearly and it breaks my heart that our boys can get to this place of pure self loathing. I think i planted the seed at this early stage and hope and pray it begins to grow. On another note i signed up for boys tennis and had a ball. I got extremely burned but still know how to hit a ball. Shame i can't cover the court as quick as i used to ...........................

Tuesday, 16 January 2007


Today was pretty much a bludge day for me. I sent the Viking and Miss M off to the movies (yes they do have a movie theatre in Cowra). I planted my butt firmly on the couch and immersed myself in the tennis. What a great day!!! Brings back fantastic memories of when i used to play tennis 3 nights a week. Aaghhhhhhhhhh the good ole days.................................

Monday, 15 January 2007

Coming Home

Just got off the phone with my soul sister and feel a lot better about my day. We got talking about stuff and i suggested that we both go get our noses pierced (so she doesnt chicken out) she must go first.

Since moving to the country my creativity is starting to return. Yay!!!! I have gone and gotten red and blonde foils in my hair and have returned a labret to its home under my bottom lip. I am beginning to fill my new home with colour. I live for colour and it has been lacking for the last couple of years. I love to decorate and can't wait to get to work on the house. Today i began with my bedroom/haven and drew inspiration from a very special piece of artwork. It came together like magic. I begin teaching at a new school in two weeks and the first thing i want to do is splash the classroom with colour. I think the boys will love it, maybe some personal graffiti/artwork will grace the walls. I hope they become inspired as i have. I wish to plant the seed of creativity and all that it produces.

Friday, 12 January 2007

I love a sunburnt country?

Wow!!! How hot is it? I cannot for the life of me figure out how anyone can find this heat appealing. My husband who spent 35 years of his life in the ice, absolutely loves the great Aussie sun. He doesn't understand why i complain and i am beginning to think he is not actually of this world. Anyway speaking of heat, i did get a new air conditioner YAY and a bright red futon. What more can a girl ask for? hhhhmmmmmmmmm..............................................

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Going solo

So Jenni will be soooooooo proud of me. My first solo blog. Wow,well what can i say. The heat here in the bush is searing. It took the life of my daughter's beloved guinea pig today and almost took her companion. Tomorrow i am off to buy an air conditioner so i can bring her in out of the jaws of hell and keep her cool. I'm sure i as well as the menagerie will benefit as well.

I have to say getting used to nooooooooo shops is testing me. I never considered myself to be a materialistic person but i am beginning to rethink my materialistic tendencies. I am in desperate need of a futon and so perused the locally delivered Fantastic furniture catalogue thinking 'too easy'. So i think the nearest store is approx 2 hours away; and i thought moving to the country would save me petrol. Ha!!! The fact that i get heart palpitations when i walk past Go Lo tells me i am suffering severe withdrawals.

I returned to my new home on the prairie ( as spoken by my scandenavian hubby) hopping for some r& r and a little quiet time. Well less than 24 hours later my youngest Little Miss M calls me in a sea of tears begging to come home. Apparently life without mum was just too much to bear. Hmmm................ So the Viking and i travel another 5 hours to retrieve her only to wait 90 minutes in a carpark at McDonalds while Little Miss M and father navigate the Blue Mountains. Oh the joys of being a mother, ................................................little wonder many animals eat their young.

Love Cindy

Friday, 5 January 2007

So i'm fresh out the car from a 5 hour trip and my soul sister says to me "you have to blog" okay so here i am apparently blogging!!! So how does a virgin blogger feel after the first time...................? Well thank god for burbon. It worked the first time and it's working now. I would love to hear how you got coerced/bribed/blackmailed
into blogging. The Goddess tells me that i will love it just like she does. Sometimes i wish i wasn't a Virgo. Ohhhhhhhhh the pressure. My New Years Resolution is to let go of my obsessive compulsive tendencies and just live the sweet imperfection of life. Hhhhmmmm